Glass Pool Fencing Hervey Bay

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Premium Glass Pool Fencing Hervey Bay

Ensuring that your pool area is safe is essential, especially if you have little children and pets. Installing pool fencing is required by the law of Australia. Glass pool fencing is one of the top choices when choosing a material for pool fencing.

Aside from its luxurious look, it’s very strong and long-lasting. We offer a wide range of glass fence options to suit your style and complement your home. You won’t have to worry about safety anymore because all of our fencing solutions meet the standards required by Australian law.

Here at Hervey Bay Fencing, our team is highly skilled in installing glass pool fencing. We make sure to use the finest materials to ensure your safety. Glass pool fences enhance your property’s value and appearance. It’s a perfect fencing option for swimming pools because it won’t block your view.

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Common Types of Glass Pool Fencing

If you’re already considering glass pool fencing, you have the option to choose either a frameless glass fence or a semi-frameless glass fence. Both are good choices when it comes to function, strength and safety. However, it will depend on your choice of style.

Frameless Glass Fence

Frameless glass fences are more expensive because they need to be thicker. Usually, it needs to be about 12mm thick. It’s a perfect fence if you don’t want to block your view.

Semi-Frameless Glass Fence

If you want to get a luxurious look without spending a lot, you can consider a semi-frameless glass fence. It’s about 8mm to 10mm thick, and you’ll notice that it has alloy or stainless steel posts cemented to the ground.

Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe?

Some homeowners are still sceptical about glass pool fences. You might have heard of glass panels exploding or shattering for no reason.
Here at Hervey Bay Fencing, we guarantee that our glass fences are premium-grade and high quality. Our team makes sure that the glass fence is installed correctly.

A glass pool fence is also safer than other fencing materials because it has minimal gaps. If you have little children, this reduces the chance of a child being able to climb up and over the fence.

Reliable Fencing Contractor in Hervey Bay

Here at Hervey Bay Fencing, we provide the highest quality fencing materials to keep you and your loved ones safe. We offer top-notch fencing solutions in Hervey Bay and nearby areas. Whether you need to install a new fence, repair or replace the existing ones – we are here to help!

Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience in installing glass fences. If you work with us, we guarantee a stress-free and smooth planning and installation of your new pool glass fencing.

All of our glass fencing options pass the Australian standards. It’s important to hire experienced and trusted contractors because the glass to be used as pool fencing must meet the Australian Standards for safety. Your pool fence will not be certified if it doesn’t meet the standards.