Aluminium Fencing Hervey Bay

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Aluminium Fencing in Hervey Bay

An aluminium fence is one of the most popular fencing options whether in residential or commercial properties. People often choose this type of fencing because it’s durable, long-lasting, and elegant. The good thing is, you only need minimal maintenance just to maintain its classy look.

Aluminium fences come in different styles, colours, and heights to enhance your curb’s appeal. The most popular option among homeowners is the black aluminium fence. Aluminium fences are perfect around pools, front yard, and deck areas.

As a leading fencing company in Hervey Bay, we provide only the finest materials to ensure the safety, durability, and longevity of our aluminium fences. Whether you need to install an aluminium fence or have your existing aluminium fence repaired, we can help you out!


Licensed Professionals

As licensed professionals, our team is capable on working on all kinds of projects - we are not limited by size or price.

Reliable and Timely

We understand that there are many components, running in parallel, to landscaping projects and so we always strive to play our part.

Competitive Pricing

We're able to purchase our fencing materials at discounted costs, which allows us to keep our prices competitive while providing a comprehensive service.

Why Aluminium Fencing

Most people want to cut down on the cost and amount of time that they are spending to maintain a fence. Most homeowners can’t dedicate a lot of time to maintaining, repainting or repairing their fences.

What’s good with aluminium fencing is it requires minimal maintenance and still looks elegant and classy. Unlike wood, it won’t rot or rust because aluminium doesn’t contain iron, thus making it resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Despite being lightweight, aluminium fences are long-lasting. However, it’s not as strong as other materials. Scratches, dents, or bending the aluminium will easily leave a mark.

You can choose from different types of aluminium to meet your needs.

Aluminium Fencing Maintenance

Aluminium is low maintenance, however, these are guidelines on how to maintain your aluminium fence to make it last longer.


Aluminium fencing is a wise choice because it’s simple to maintain and clean. Aluminium does not rust, therefore using water and cleaning products will keep it clean and in good condition. To remove noticeable stains, just use warm water and mild soap. However, you should not use a power washer because this will damage the metal.


Regularly inspecting your aluminium fence can save you from expensive repairs. Checking for broken rails, uneven fence, and loose posts will help you find potential damages and make you contact your contractors as soon as possible. Always remember that the earlier you have it fixed, the less damage will occur.

Preventing Damages

To have long-lasting aluminium fencing, you must prevent risks that can cause damage such as leaving the gate open. If your fence is in your garden, make sure to cut or trim the weeds and keep rocks away from the fence.

Reliable Aluminium Fencing Contractors

Here at Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we take pride in our years of experience and proven track record. We make sure that your aluminium fence is installed correctly to improve the safety and privacy in your home.

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality aluminium fences in Hervey Bay. We only use premium-grade materials because we don’t want to compromise your safety and security.

Your satisfaction is important to us, that’s why we will always listen to your suggestions and plans. We are reliable and easy to work with. We make sure to deliver on time.