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Fencing Hervey Bay

Fencing installation may not be an easy DIY project, especially if you do not have enough knowledge and the right tools to make sure that it is done correctly. Hiring someone who has years of expertise and experience in the craft can be your most convenient and reliable option.

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we can handle not only fencing installation but also fencing repairs and refurbishments. We are a local service provider offering the town of Hervey Bay comprehensive, efficient, and cost-friendly fencing solutions for many years. One of our goals is to deliver each fencing project a step further from our customer’s expectations.

Our expert and efficient tradespeople are your go-to fencing service provider to help you with all your fencing needs, such as colorbond fencingaluminium fencing and timber fencing.

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we do not fail on delivering quality results and an unparalleled customer service experience. From initial consultation up to the project completion, we have skilled and friendly professionals to guide you.

Have you decided to take the step and dive into your fencing project? At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we can be the perfect team for you. Simply contact us through the hotline or email we have provided so we can give you a free quote. Keep in touch with our reliable tradespeople so we can talk in detail about the fencing project you have in mind.


Licensed Professionals

As licensed professionals, our team is capable on working on all kinds of projects - we are not limited by size or price.

Competitive Pricing

We're able purchase our fencing materials at discounted costs, which allows us to keep our service prices competitive.

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Reliable and Timely

Meeting our project deadlines is always a high priority for the team. We understand that there are many components to landscaping projects and so we always strive to play our part.


Our contractors are trained to ensure our installations to comply with all the local regulations.

our Services

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we provide a variety of fencing solutions. We can install fences and enclosures of different heights, sizes, and materials including glass, aluminum, timber, and colorbonds. Check out our list of services below. 

Colorbond® Fencing in Hervey Bay

Do you want to fence your property in style, be environmentally friendly and sustainable? Colorbond fencing is a perfect choice! These affordable fences come from colorbond steel that can last for more than 50 years. It’s been tested by Australia’s harsh weather conditions so it will stand up to even your own backyard climate here in Australia. Not only does this type of metal look good but it provides added security without using chemical-laden paint or other substances harmful to our health. You won’t have any worries about waste leaks because we manufacture these durable fences free of chemicals like lead, cadmium and arsenic which are hazardous when they leach into soil or water supplies.

When our customers are considering building a fence in their property, they usually have varied specifications, but mostly it comes down to three: functionality, maintenance, and aesthetics. Our colorbond fencing has been favoured and trusted by many property owners in Hervey Bay because of its durability, superior protection, and attractive finishes.

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we have been a trusted fencing service provider in the city for many years. With our reliable and experienced tradespeople, we guarantee efficient and quality services for colorbond fence installations and repairs. It is suitable for areas such as carports, sheds, residential properties, and commercial establishments.

Are you ready to have affordable and high-quality colorbond fences? Just contact our friendly and dependable team so you can get a complimentary colorbond fencing quote, and we can converse about ways how we can enhance the security and aesthetic of your property. Check out this list of advantages that you can get with colorbond fencing.

Timber Fencing in Hervey Bay

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, our reputation has been established through extensive years of quality and dedicated fencing service. We have dealt with the various specifications and preferences in fencing solutions of our customers.

Timber fences are still the most classic material option when it comes to fencing because of how natural it looks. It is a prevalent fencing material choice in Hervey Bay, both in residential and commercial properties.

If you want to try timber fencing, call our professional team in Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions today. Our friendly staff is committed to answering all your queries and guiding you in each and every process. To learn more about timber fencing, here are some of its benefits that you may want to discover:

Aluminium Fencing in Hervey Bay

Aluminium fences are a popular and durable choice for fencing. They come in different styles, colours, and heights to add curb appeal. The most common type of aluminium fence is black which works well around pools or front yards but can also look elegant as decking along the back yard!

Whether you are installing a fence to keep your area private, or you just want it for its added appeal, you should still choose the best fencing material for your spaces. At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we can let you choose from a variety of options to make sure that you can get what you are looking for.

Aluminium fences have been one of the most sought-after fencing choices for many property owners in Hervey Bay. Its appealing minimalist designs, strength, and durability can suit almost all types of spaces.

To help you decide if aluminium fences are the one for you, take a look at some of their advantages below:


What people say?

I love the job the guys have done at Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions. They were respectful and made sure to clean up after themselves. Not much more I could ask for!
Elizabeth McDonald
We called Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions to get a quote for colorbond fencing. The lads gave us a fair quote and got started straight away. Looking forward to working with them in the future.
Andrew Baker
Thanks to the guys over at Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions. They came over, gave us a price and once we agreed to it, they took care of the rest. Definitely would recommend!
Ashley Martinez

Glass Pool Fencing in Hervey Bay

When you have an amazing view in your yard or want non-obtrusive fencing for your pool, glass pool fences can be your best option. Adding a glass pool fence will not just let you have peace of mind. It can also be a way to enhance your pool’s overall look.

At Hervey Bay Fencing, our high-end glass pool fences are popular for those who want elegant yet functional fencing for their pools. With its sophisticated finish, you can make your pool stand out without compromising the security and safety of your pool area.

To give you an insight into the pros of glass pool fencing, here are some of them:

Pool Fencing in Hervey Bay

One of the best ways to enjoy your summer days is by swimming in a pool. In Australia, it’s required for people to have safety fencing around their pools so that they can keep themselves and others safe from getting hurt when playing near them. Before you get any amount of quality fence installed though, there are some very important steps that need taking first- including gaining approval from authorities before installing anything new on your property or else risk fines as well as other penalties! Aside from being necessary because we live under Australian law, having fences also has many benefits such as preventing children drowning while inside our yards but works just about anywhere where water hazards exist too like at school gymnasiums or even public parks.

A well-maintained and structured pool is an excellent addition to your property. It is where you can spend a memorable summertime without having to venture to faraway places. However, pools also pose a safety hazard, especially for kids. That is why many communities are requiring a pool fence built for all pools.

At Hervey Bay Fencing, we have been delivering superior and durable pool fences customized to the community’s requirements we are serving it in. We have provided stylish, secure, and long-lasting pool fences throughout the city, so you can be assured that we can handle and finish the job efficiently.

We have been getting a growing demand in Hervey Bay regarding pool fence installation. If you decide to have a pool on your property, it would be best to coordinate with our reliable tradespeople so that we can provide you with dependable pool fencing to keep your pool safe. To share some insight on the advantages of having a pool fence, here are some of them:

PRo Fencing Contractors Hervey Bay

When it comes to fencing, you need an expert. The team at  Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions has been in the industry for over 15 years and knows exactly what customers want when they come looking. We offer a wide range of products from some leading suppliers giving us the allowance to offer more competitive prices that are sure to keep your bank account happy!

Our fencing contractors listen to the needs of every customer and deliver exactly what they are looking for in a Fence or Gate service. From new housing developments, storm damage repairs, Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions have got you covered! We want to change how fencing is done here in Queensland so we will not compromise on quality.

Professional Fencing Service in Hervey Bay

Our Fencing Approach

We understand how essential it is to hire the right fencing contractors for your property. If you decide to let an inexperienced team handle the project, it may just cause trouble for repairs in the future, and your hard-earned money may just be put to waste. That is why at Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we assure our customers that we only implement the practices for secure and durable fence installations. We always keep in line with the highest fencing standards and craftsmanship to deliver quality fencing solutions throughout Hervey Bay. Our team of dependable tradespeople will consult with you in every process and provide you with helpful suggestions to make sure that you get the results you look forward to.

We have built a reputable name in Hervey Bay because of our customers’ faith and conviction in our services. At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we earned it through our outstanding fencing materials and superior quality services. Our contractors and tradespeople are complete with all the necessary licenses and insurances so you can have the peace of mind that you have hired a dependable fencing service provider. With our years of experience in the fencing industry, we have gained the expertise to deliver durable, cost-effective, and sustainable fencing solutions to any residential or industrial property.

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, we believe that no matter how excellent your outputs are, if your customers are not happy with how you deal with them, then it is not worth it. We do not just deliver high-quality results but also active support and assistance to our prospective and existing customers. Our fundamental objective is to give our customers 100% satisfaction with our services, so if you have any lingering queries with regards to our project, all you have to do is ask.

Our friendly and dependable staff are always ready and eager to assist you with the fencing project. If you want to start the fencing project as soon as possible, simply reach out to us so we can establish a consultation and provide you with a free quote.

At Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions, you will receive expert personal service and top-of-the line materials for your fencing needs. We design a fence that offers both privacy as well as security to keep the property safe from intruders or other hazards. Our onsite workshop ensures we can work with any material needed to provide an optimal solution at affordable rates while providing all necessary permits and approvals in order to install the project on time without complications. We build custom:

  • Gates
  • Fences
  • Privacy screens
  • Aluminium

Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions is more than just a fence company, they are your home improvement experts. They offer quality workmanship with every job while also providing you with suggestions and advice to ensure that everything looks perfect in the end. If it’s an update or something for security purposes, Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions has got you covered! Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions is situated in Hervey Bay but also services the surrounding areas. 

Hervey Bay Fencing Solutions has the perfect fencing for your needs. We offer a wide selection of different styles and materials to fit any home whether you need it for privacy, safety or decoration: aluminium garden fences, laser cut screens and so much more! Fences have always been important in defining boundaries on property that is privately owned by an individual or group. But with modern security concerns such as terrorist attacks, fires breaking out nearby homes due to outside sources like natural disasters- buying a fence not only insulates yourself from risks but also helps keep others safe too.


Most frequent questions and answers

Definitely yes! We have been installing fences throughout Hervey Bay for many years. Reach out to us through the hotline or email we provided so we can further discuss your fencing installation project.

You can have a residential fence that is not more than 6’, but you may need to consider some setbacks for front yards. Contact your city’s building codes department and check with the members of your homeowner’s association before starting construction on any fences in order to make sure what you are planning will be acceptable.

Staining a wood fence is up to the homeowner. A lot of homeowners like their fences in their natural color and don’t want them stained, but if you do decide to stain it for that initial fresh look then over time your white picket fence will grey out as most untreated woods are susceptible or even rot quicker than they normally would without any protection from chemicals such as stains, sealants (coats) etc. Staining might be something you’ll need every year or two because these types of products wear off with use/rain water exposure which could cause warping and splitting where there’s no longer enough UV light left on anything wet exposed for years at a time!

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